"Matrix” Lighting Technology

      Our LEDs are arranged in a special layout to give you

      stronger and wider lighting effects. Both wide-angle

      and narrow-angle bulbs are used at the same time, 

      to give you the best of both worlds. 

     Beam Angle Adjustment
    AL-198A can control beam angles by rotating
    the Beam Angle Adjustment Wheel.

      High Quality, Long Lifespan 

     Amaran uses high quality LED bulbs using the latest technology. They are both     powerful and eco-friendly. Their lifespan is at least 50,000 hours. Can you even rack     up that many shooting hours?

      Stable color temperature
      Color temperature of Amaran LED bulbs are stable and low voltage

           Stable brightness
        Amaran uses IC constant current program, with automatic IT circuit control support. Amaran LED bulb brightness
        is stable and flicker-free.

   Low Power Dissipation
     Power dissipation of AP-126, AP-160, AP-198 is under 
     9W, 14W and 18W respectively, expanding the lifespan
     of LED bulbs.

Not only uses AA batteries, but also can
support various Sony Lithium batteries.
Sony NP-F series, NP-FM/QM series,
NP-FP/FH/FV series.

    Seamless Connection
      Expand and connect up to 9 panels for the ultimate power in LED lighting. 

      Frameless design without borderline partitions means a fuller light, with no light leakage. 

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